Competency 6: Participate Actively in the Profession


    The sixth competency is “identify communities of practice within discipline and participate within these communities according to the ethical standards of the discipline.” As my background is more in business rather than education, this competency was a bit tricky to prove.

    For two years, I was a speaker at the Teach Them Diligently homeschool conventions, where I shared my homeschool story and offered tips for nontraditional learning. At 21, I was one of two homeschool graduate speakers under 22. My first artifact is a podcast where I was interviewed in promotion for my talks.

    I am an active member throughout Teachers Pay Teachers, a website dedicated to helping teachers find educational materials. In May 2021, my work was featured in the Teachers Pay Teachers weekly email which reaches millions of teachers across the world. My second artifact includes the email promotion where my business was featured for Asian-American Pacific Islander month. Teachers Pay Teachers is a leading website for educational resources and I’m proud of my resources being used to promote cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusion within classrooms. I attended Teachers Pay Teachers’ virtual conference last year (as their physical one was canceled) and was able to learn marketing and business techniques from other teacher entrepreneurs.

    Lastly, as a professional blogger and content creator, I’m most active in educational blogging communities. My third artifact is my Learn in Color website. I have been a guest speaker on many leading homeschool podcasts including Raising Lifelong Learners, Homeschooling with Dyslexia, and more. As a blogger, there are ethical codes and legal codes we must be aware of, specifically with copyright and plagiarism. I have had problems with other bloggers stealing my content and in one instance, ADT Security Company completely stole some of my work for a campaign and passed it as their own.

    Because of the fluid nature of the blogging and entrepreneurial worlds, I am constantly trying to learn and adapt my strategy and learning tools. Because of my young age, I am thankful many bloggers took to mentoring me to help my business become the success it is. As an entrepreneur, I mentor and encourage other students through local entrepreneur programs and Junior Achievement. Entrepreneurship’s evolving nature has taught me that learning is fluid and the pursuit of knowledge never ends.


    Artifact 1: Teach Them Diligently Podcast

    Artifact 2: Teachers Pay Teachers email

    Artifact 3: Learn in Color website

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