Competency 5: Engage in Professional Development


    The fifth competency, “demonstrates the disposition for life-long learning and continuous professional development” may be my favorite as it acknowledges that learning does not cease after graduation. On my website Learn in Color, one of my primary missions is to get kids excited about learning and create lifelong learners. “Education” goes far beyond what is taught in a classroom and all educators should strive to be lifelong learners. In my paper “Definitions of Culture” from EDCI 585, Multicultural Education, I share my own background of being Asian and transracially adopted in a primarily white area and in a state where the Asian population was less than 1%. This paper felt particularly personal since it slowly reveals my own experience discovering my Asian culture and how subtly, without realizing it at the time, the lack of Asian representation in the midwest had inspired my blog, my business, and my passion for learning about other cultures.

    To further exhibit my professional development skills, I included my Professional Growth Plan from EDPS 695, Practicum in Gifted Education, which included actionable steps I have taken to grow my skills and network. This included several elements of gifted education including identification, Gardner’s multiple intelligences, and more. Currently, I’ve been learning about Dabrowski’s five overexcitabilities (Dabrowski 1964) , a part of giftedness that was not covered extensively throughout my gifted and talented courses. Learning more about Dabrowski’s overexcitabilities outside of my traditional learning reminds me of a saying a friend who works with gifted students told me: if you’ve met one gifted child, you’ve met one gifted child.

    Since writing this paper only a few months ago, I’ve moved to greater Los Angeles, California. For the first time in my life, I’m no longer the only Asian in the room and I’m surrounded by entrepreneurial people my age. As I adjust to life on the west coast, I’m excited to continue to learn more from people all around the world as I’m close to areas such as Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Koreatown, Olvera Street (“Little Mexico”), restaurants representing every country in the world and museums dedicated to people from all backgrounds.


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    EDCI 585 Multicultural Education: Definitions of Culture

    EDPS 695 GCT Practicum: Professional Growth Plan

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