My mission is simple: get kids excited about their education. No more empty memorizing for tests, no more lifeless textbooks, no more busy work.

Hi! I’m Samantha. I grew up using math in real life and studying history with books and movies. And I love learning. When I was 14 years old, I created Learn in Color as a way to share my homeschool experiences with others.

Along the way, I developed a passion for making learning easier for students AND parents! Eight years later, my blog has reached over six million people, and Learn in Color’s resources have been used in all 50 states and in over 65+ countries. “Cheat Sheets” that I originally created for myself have helped dyslexic students, ESL students, or stude

At the age of 20, I graduated from college early and debt-free. Contrary to popular beliefs, debt does NOT have to part of graduating college. I’m passionate about helping students recognize all of their options and graduate with little to no debt.

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“I work in a juvenile detention facility. Many of my students struggle with work ethic, however this resource was highly engaging. All of my students were successful, giving thoughtful deep, thoughtful responses. I would highly recommend this resource.” -Cynthia, The Pursuit of Happyness movie guide

“Near the end of the school year my students earned a classroom reward and we watched Meet the Robinsons, which in my opinion is one of the most underrated Disney films of all time! Anyway, my students love the movie and the next week, we used this resource as a quick writing activity! It was geared toward positive mindset! Thank you, this was a fun activity!” -Lisa, Meet the Robinsons movie guide